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Art directed to communicate and create within our society.

Platform to unite creators

GURBAN is a cultural, social platform and community between Armenia and Germany, which connects together artists worldwide and creates a constant network between them.



Through years of networking with different artists, scientists and educators we came up with the idea of creating a platform where every specialist can join the community for creating and bringing positive changes in society through art and education.

Each of our members have their own unique path to art and unique vision of the world. We aim to actively involve art in the daily life of people who...



Artworks for Peace

The ongoing charity auction pursues the goal of humanitarian aid for the survivors of the war in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) in 2020. All contributions are directed to implementation of long-term projects to support people affected by the war.


Starting from Aygepar [Border Village between Armenia / Azerbaijan]

Starting from Aygepar

We are starting our long-term project to support people affected by the war from the Aygepar Village. With the money we raise through our Artworks for Peace project, we are able to support them with food, clothes and other essential utensils…




film screening in the Berlin Art Hotel

The special selection for #GroundCinema in the frame of #GroundArtFest is 15 independent short films includes international and Armenian filmakers, who has been participating in various international fetivals. August 6,7,8. 20:45 Berlin Art Hotel

Ground Art Fest

[Gyumri 2021]

Live Site Specific Art Fest is excited to welcome you in Gyumri on 6-8 august 2021! Our artists based in Armenia & Germany work intensively in order to transform the city to an independent art platform! 21 artists, 5 countries, more than 21 artistic projects in 5 grounds of the city, workshops, performances, musical interventions and film screenings...

More Program

Partners & Friends

Together with our Partners we come closer to the implementation of our visions and goals. If you want to be a part of our community and Contribute we are waiting for you!