Lea Valentina Limmbrunner

I am Lea Valentina, born in Germany and currently based in Munich, but sometimes I am also travelling through space and time, especially when listening to music.

Questions and answers

Who are you?

I play handpan in the duo project MEA and also have a musical solo project. To share my passion of playing handpan I founded the Handpan Atelier München, giving handpan classes and workshops. Apart from creating music I love to write, dance and paint and motivate children to express themselves artistically.

The media you work with?

I enjoy working with all kinds of media, however, my main focus is on creating sound.

What do you do? What is your topic of research?

Many questions about our human existence and the way we interact with our planet arise and I am searching for answers in a musical way.

What does it mean for you?

Expressing what I experience in my inner and outer journeys is my way to share gratitude for being alive. Everyone has his or her own story to tell and this makes the world such a colorful and vibrant place.

Interesting fact about you…

...sometimes I imagine myself being within a tree. This gives me the superpower to see things in a more neutral way.

“I believe in the power of …”

…deliberate creation to spread our light.

What does Ground mean to you?

Connecting to our roots.