Gurban community.

Through years of networking with different artists, scientists and educators we came up with the idea of creating a platform where every specialist can join the community for creating and bringing positive changes in society through art and education.

Each of our members have their own unique path to art and unique vision of the world. We aim to actively involve art in the daily life of people who don’t have much access to it by bringing people with different visions together for collaboration and creation.



The artists we collaborate with work often in social fields, public spaces and nonstandard locations such as abandoned places, ruined old factories, historically and socially significant locations. The artists’ intent is to breathe new life into those areas, in order to rediscover and relearn the city site via contemporary art.


Our appreciated Soulmates are mentors who are guiding us through our journey.

Armen Ter-Mkrtchyan

Lvis Mejía

Alex Ter-Minasyan

Florian Matzner

Anush Zeinalian

Narine Zolyan

Partners & Friends

Together with our Partners we come closer to the implementation of our visions and goals. If you want to be a part of our community and Contribute we are waiting for you!